Shephalee began as an effect of deliberations, dialogue, sheer passion, and a thirst to showcase our handwoven fabrics to the world in a new avatar. Designing modern aesthetic products and wedding these fabrics with newer generations & their change in taste was a primary ambition. Though Dr. Iti Samanta has never been professionally trained as a designer her work in the field of art, culture and literature has always pushed her to understand the nuances that these gorgeous beauties hide.

When we at Shephalee began venturing out to design elegant sarees we had a clear objective of bringing a wholly new product into the market that will effectively showcase our treasured heritage besides conforming with a modern standard of lifestyle and fashion. Hence Shephalee offers a radically new discovered product. We have smoothly amalgamated diverse Hand-woven Fabrics with innovative designs from our creator Dr. Iti Samanta to produce completely unique Sarees.

SHEPHALEE X Time's Fashion Week, Delhi

The luxury fashion brand Shephalee, house of handcrafted legacy, recently took part in Time's fashion week, Delhi and stunned everyone out with its gorgeous fashion statements manifesting cultural legacy in a modernized glamorous way. Shephalee's latest collection gifted a whole new dimension of Indian artistry specialized in crafts of Odisha highlighting seamless blend of creativity, elegance with heritage.
Starting from treasured authentic weaves of Odisha depicting tales of triumphs to tributes along with minute detailed artworks with wide range of color palettes covering soothing pastels to vibrant hues, combined all together created an edgy and moody version of fashion show.
At Time's fashion show, Shephalee unfolded an air of excitement and anticipation, which left attendees spellbound with the carefully curated collection, which exemplified the brand's commitment to pushing boundaries and reinventing luxury fashion. It was the first time ever, where a brand represented every attire using only Odisha handlooms without any fusion. Absolutely drop dead gorgeous sustainable fashion statements crafted with pure love manifesting spellbound craftsmanship under the guidance of creator and designer Dr. Iti Samanta. Shephalee empowers 5000+ weavers and artisans with an vision to exhibit their crafts out loud on global podiums

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