Feature Film


(Another Story, 2005)
Producer: Dr. Iti Samanta

Film is the most powerful medium of expression. Kadambini Media Pvt. Ltd. has stepped into films with its debut production ‘Kathantara’ (Another Story) Directed by Himansu Khatua based on the aftermath tragedy of Super-cyclone. The Protagonist of the film, Kalpana a second generation refugee from East Bengal struggles after losing her husband and family in the 1999 Super-Cyclone. Deepankar a TV reporter from Bangladesh offers to marry the young widow. But Kalpana turns down the offer which needs moving out to the land of their forefathers. She stays back in her adopted homeland despite serious adversities including deportation threat. Kalpana fights back for her birthright.

Feature Film


(Coup de Grace, 2014)
Based on the story ‘Jhadaparara Surya’ by Dr. Iti Samanta

She is the proverbial daughter-in-law that anyone could aspire for. In a family of half a dozen individuals, the entire home-front is taken care of by her with diligence and compassion. Apart from the elderly parents-in-law and two primary school-going children; a boy and a girl, Pratignya, in her early thirties has the onerous task to reform her unscrupulous husband, Abhay, the local Sarpanch. A typical male chauvinist, he is inclined to heckle, hector and even manhandle his wife. Pratignya tends to take everything in her stride. ‘Krantidhara’ (Coup de Grace, 2014) deals with the travails of a much-harried yet consideration housewife, but through realistic presentation as opposed to the hackneyed, stereotyped portrayals.

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